About US

Man Serve Pharma is a dynamic upcoming pharmaceutical company which has today evolved into a fully integrated health care group, making its presence felt in all major markets across the country. We devoted our efforts in marketing of pharmaceutical products. Our quest for innovative and quality health care with in the affordable limits is an expression to our respect for certain principles and an assurance to humanity to enjoy a longer, healthier and more productive life.

Quality/ A core Corporate Strength

Today, MANSERVE PHARMA Boast an obsession for highest standard of quality, with manufacturing our products under certification of GMP for all sections. Our units are well equipped with ultra - modern facilities and fully automated units. Quality is under constant vigilant check of each and every level of manufacturing by highly skilled and technical/sound experts.

Operational Network

MANSERVE PHARMA vouches to spread its wings in the domestic Indian market covering all major states, determined to capture a major markets share of the Indian pharmaceutical market in the coming times. Our quest to establish a strong and extensive network with our customers has been successfully achieved by our distributor network all through out the country and our quality products reaching through the prescriptions of our valued medical consultants. We offer contract manufacturing of a wide range of products with an assurance of production under stringent quality conformations.

Professional / competencies

The Aim of MANSERVE PHARMA is to build a high performing work force , ready to face opportunities and challenges , throw up by the forces of globalization and technological advancement . we sincerely intend to continuously sharpen the skills and upgrade our manpower and machines , so that , over a period of time , we build a work culture very much inherent for MANSERVE PHARMA . with a priority granted to our human relations , both with in the group, frame work of costumers and business alliances. We intend at all times, to be open with a high degree creativity to achieve an envious position in the pharmaceutical industry.

Product / Consideration

The progress of MANSERVE PHARMA is duly planned with careful consideration of products , which be successful in a turbulent market place and at the same time through search for niche products .we always vouch to extend and consolidate our range in line with recent technological advancement in new drug forms at the domestic as well as international level and bringing the latest into the market at competitive prices . our product range covers all major product segments like all classes of antibiotics (Fourth Generation), Gastro-intestinal, Cardiovascular , anti - diabetic, analgesic. Anti-inflammatory, gynecological drugs etc.

Vision / Beyond the Existing Horizons.

With a vision beyond the existing horizons we are all poised for exponential flight and growth. The future as we see has the unlimited avenues in store for us . Spreading the message of medicines , we sincerely look forward to venture into high profile therapeutic segments. Expanding beyond the known frontier the market we have well planned courses to combat the challenges with plans for the future for entering into joint ventures on technology transfer and business exploration.